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DCCCO Multipurpose Cooperative

In times of uncertainty, we tend to feel lost, and there are moments we get discouraged easily. But never lose hope as there is DCCCO Multipurpose Cooperative that aids that you could run into when it comes to financial matters. 

Haven’t heard about DCCCO Multipurpose Cooperative yet? They are composed of internationally recognized empowered members that spread Christian Values alongside financial services to lift up the quality of the community. They have a simple goal, and that is to enrich every Filipino’s life. The main reason why this institution was built is they want to alleviate socio-economic difficulties. Also, to respond to the needs of the community. DCCCO was formally organized last February 1, 1968. 

They have a lot of financial services to offer and if you are wondering what those are, then keep on reading to help you decide what suits you the best.

Below are the financial products and loans they have that you may possibly consider. 

Salary Loan

A type of loan facility to answer the credit needs of employees in LGUs, National Line Agencies, and even those Private Institutions. 

Maximum Loanable Amount: Php 200,000.00

Car/Vehicle Loan

Eligible to apply if a full-fledged member for 6 months and can pay.

Maximum Loanable Amount: the price of the unit (net of equity) plus charges

Member’s Housing Loan

A type of loan for those who do not have their own house yet. 

Maximum Loanable Amount: 

  •      Lot only – Php 300,000.00
  •      House only (if the member has availed of a lot loan) – Php 500,000.00
  •      House and Lot – Php 800, 000, 00.
  •      House with an existing lot – Php 800,000, 00. 

Pension Loan

This is eligible for pensioners that receive their pensions through an ATM Savings account. 

 Maximum Loanable Amount: 

  •  Pensioner – Php 100, 000.00
  •  Survivorship pensioners – Php 25,000.00

Character Loan

A loan offered to MIGS who are receiving salaries on existing MOA with DCCCO or through ATM, it is possible with or without Salary Loan. 

Maximum Loanable Amount: Php 25,000

Hospitalization Loan

A loan offered to members who have EFS to ease their immediate hospitalization needs. 

Maximum Loanable Amount: up to 20 times EFS and 50,000.00

Real Estate Mortgage

One should have the capacity to pay and a member with good standing for at least 3 years.

Maximum Loanable Amount: 60-70% of the appraised value of the collateral

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