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The car shipping process is very straightforward for the most part. Depending on how you go about finding car transport services will determine the service, cost and time of the process. The Internet has made it possible for anyone with access to a computer to find and compare many different products and services. With many businesses advertising on the world wide web, choosing a company is much more difficult. For the most part, a search for the keywords “Auto Transport, Car Shipping, Car Transport / Car Transporter” in any popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. will lead to car shipping company sites. The key role in the automotive industry needs to be understood.

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There are two major companies in the trucking and shipping industry. The carrier is the most important business. Your vehicle is physically transported from point A to point B by a carrier. A freight broker, often known as a car carrier, is the second major player in the transportation company. A broker is a natural person or company that arranges for you the physical transportation of your car by a carrier. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to find movers than actual movers who will end up doing all the real work. Some brokers achieve their goals by offering fast and efficient services.

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A broker works by having access to many carriers that travel on many different routes across the country. The broker may have worked with these carriers before or have access to new carriers who are willing to handle your shipping job. The reason brokers exist is because it is very difficult to find a transporter who can handle your vehicle transport at any given point and time.

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Your car needs to be shipped from Miami, Florida to Houston, Texas. You may have to wait until they return to Miami, as the carrier you may have found may already be in Houston, Texas. This may require several weeks and your schedule may not allow it. If you don’t have access to Direct Auto Transport or several other auto transporters, chances are you’ll be working with an auto transport agent to meet your moving needs. The biggest problem, as said before, will be deciding who will manage your transport work.

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There’s a third newcomer to the trucking industry that offers a “FREE QUOTE.” The Free Quote button can be found all over the internet for a variety of businesses, not just trucking and transportation. More than 240,000 queries per month are made on the leading websites in the major search engines using the phrase “Auto Transport”. It would be difficult for just a few organizations to handle every job at this pace of demand for services. All of these shipping inquiries have been converted into trucking leads by major shipping providers. Shipping lines are sold to smaller brokerage firms who will then call you with the help of their qualified salespeople to compete for your business.

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When you request a free quote from one of the leading search engine websites, you can expect to be called and harassed by 10 to 15 freight brokerage companies at times. Because these experienced salespeople are so relentless and aggressive, it can be very overwhelming. In these businesses, salespeople often only receive a commission for each shipping job they schedule. This approach has the disadvantage of sacrificing customer satisfaction and service in order to increase sales. Go with your instincts when you are offered freight brokerage services. In the upcoming posts, we will cover tips on how to choose the best transport companies.

Open Car Transport

For interstate road transport, both open and closed road transport techniques are used. Both are ideal for off-road car transport. It depends on your vehicle transport needs, especially the type of vehicle you need to transfer and your financial situation. Open car transport is used regularly because it is both common and conventional. However, when moving a classic car, it is advisable to choose closed car carriers.

Most consumers would always like to know the answers to all their questions when it comes to transferring a vehicle with the help of a vehicle transporter, but some experienced people may not. Customers ask about the reliability of the car carrier and the procedures associated with the transportation of cars. Here are some typical questions that clients ask when working with car transporters.

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