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There are several options when it comes to preparing for the GMAT and GMAT online course. The best prep courses for this exam should offer a high level of detail and support. These programs will also give you a solid foundation in the exam’s fundamentals and provide the knowledge you need to succeed. Some of the best GMAT prep programs are self-paced online courses and include extensive practice tests.

Another option is a boot camp, which is designed for students who want intense training in a relatively short amount of time. Boot camps feature over 35 hours of live instruction in a two-week time frame, but you can customize your experience by choosing to receive one-on-one tutoring during the program.

Manhattan Prep has an excellent self-paced GMAT prep course.

This online platform features the same course materials as classroom-based courses, and it also includes a free, 1-on-1 mentor support system. This platform also offers a live chat feature, which helps you communicate with instructors and other members of the course.

The video lessons from Kaplan feature an elegant digital whiteboard with an on-screen instructor who works through problems in blue ink. Kaplan’s course curriculum is well-designed and offers high-quality video instruction. They also provide their users with a mountain of study materials. Some of these resources include 44-hours of video instruction, 18-hours of live instruction, and extensive practice tests.

Manhattan Prep is another great online option.

Their comprehensive course covers all of the main sections of the GMAT and can help you prepare for each one separately. Their tutoring is a great option, but it is not cheap. You may need to pay an additional fee for additional hours of live instruction.

When deciding which GMAT prep course to choose, you need to look for a company that has a great track record. A good GMAT prep company should offer computer-based practice tests and an extensive library of previous exam questions. A self-paced course is also available. It is important to take your time when choosing an online prep course.

Another course to consider is the Official GMAT Prep Course.

It offers over two thousand practice questions, video lessons, customizable practice sets, and six computer adaptive practice tests. This course is incredibly comprehensive and offers a four-month access. Another great option is Manhattan Prep’s Foundations of GMAT Math. These courses provide a solid foundation for students looking to get the best possible scores on the GMAT exam.

Veritas Prep is another great online option for GMAT preparation and GMAT classes. This website has live instructor support seven days a week and more than a dozen interactive video lessons and an integrated self-study system. Students can also choose a subscription for a full year. This program is particularly valuable for international students, who may have difficulty adjusting to a different time zone and language.

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