Can Wood Flooring Be Installed With Underfloor Heating?

Are you planning to install an underfloor heating system this winter season to make your home a bit cosy? During winters everyone loves a warm feeling underfoot. If you are wondering whether wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating, then the answer is ‘Yes’. Heat resistant floors, such as engineered wood flooring, manufactured using innovative technology can definitely be used with underfloor heating. But before you start with the installation process, read the article to get all your queries answered.

What kind of wood flooring is ideal for use with an underfloor heating system?

We advise going with engineered wood floorboards if you wish to install a wood floor over the underfloor heating system. Engineered floorboards are far more stable than solid wood planks. Engineered floors are resistant to temperature and moisture changes. On the other hand, solid wood boards can shrink or expand and change in shape.

The fact that engineered floorboards can be purchased with a click and lock mechanism is an additional benefit. This will result in a quick and uncomplicated installation process, especially when you are installing it over underfloor heating. Engineered boards allow you to build a floating floor that doesn’t need to be glued down to the subfloor using adhesives. It can be removed with ease if it is required for plumbing under the surface. 

Can I start using the underfloor heating right after my flooring is fitted?

To avoid any distortion, your freshly installed engineered oak flooring has to be first acclimated. 

We advise turning on the underfloor heating at the lowest degree and gradually enabling the temperature to increase, even if it was laid by professionals. Preventing abrupt temperature swings will ensure that you avoid paying for expensive flooring repairs.

With a solid wood floor, can an underfloor heating system be used?

Installing solid oak flooring above underfloor heating is not something we would advise. And as we mentioned earlier also, the heat may distort, and warp the boards, producing gaps between the boards and harm your recently installed flooring by forcing the wood to shrink, resulting in contraction.

Can I install the engineered wood flooring on my own or do I need to hire a professional?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then buy interlocking click and lock engineered wood floorboards, it will make the installation process quick and easy. Each board simply clicks into the next to form a floating floor that doesn’t need to be glued down. And as mentioned earlier, it can be removed if required for any repair work. Nevertheless, we always advise getting it fitted by a professional if you have any reservations about installing it yourself. You must seek an expert’s help if you are planning to lay engineered parquet flooring.

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Can the underfloor heating system cause the flooring to expand and contract?

Engineered wood floor is constructed using multi layers of plywood, which is called the core. On top of the core, a real wood layer, called veneer is attached. The construction is stable, enabling natural expansion and contraction without making the floor warp or causing any other damage due to heat. Anyway, you need to ensure that the underfloor heating system’s temperature must never goes over a certain limit, which you can check with the manufacturer.

Hope now you know which flooring type to use with your underfloor heating system. If you have any queries regarding the installation process, do let us know in the comments section.

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