Ceramides top our’s and most dermatologists and skin experts’ list of top skincare ingredients. Ceramides are already present in our bodies. Now you might be wondering if our body produces ceramides, then why do we need them? Why do we need them in our skin routine or skincare products? We have done our research and find out why experts sing praises of ceramides.

The What

Ceramides are lipids. In simple words, ceramides are fatty acids, or molecules found naturally in our bodies. It makes 50% of our outer layer of skin. Hence, they are incredibly vital for our skin and how our skin reacts to the environment.

Ceramides play an essential role in both our nervous system and skin. It is also closely related to the healthy growth of our hair. In recent times ceramides have gained an enormous spot in the skincare world. Ceramides are included in almost every skincare product, such as moisturizers, makeup, shampoo, and so on.

The Why

Ceramides act as links between your skin cells. Ceramides are long-chain structures promoting cellular function in your system. It holds skin cells together and acts as a barrier to protect your skin against damage from pollution or other environmental factors. In addition, it locks moisturizer and is popularly known as a powerhouse for anti-aging properties. Here’s a quick rundown of what Ceramide’s do for your skin:

  • Boosts hydration

  • Locks moisturizer for a longer period

  • Protects skin from pollution and sun damage

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Gives you smooth and soft skin

  • Soothes inflammatory skin

Now the question is why we need an extra boost of Ceramides when we already have them in our skin. Though Ceramides are present in human skin, they are lost after a while and lose their effectiveness. In other words, when widely exposed to air and the sun, they lose their effectiveness making your skin dull and dry. Many people have low Ceramides in their skin and an extra boost of it can minimize the effect of damage and reduce signs of skin aging.

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