Hampta Pass Trekking Directions

The Hampta Pass Trek is nestled in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, at an elevation of 4370 metres above sea level. The pass is named after the quaint little village of “Hampta,” which is located just below Sethan Village in Manali. The Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most fascinating treks you will ever undertake. It’s one of those rare treks where the scenery changes with every turn. To help you prepare, here is a comprehensive Hampta Pass Trek Guide.

How do I get to the basecamp of the Hampta Pass Trek?

The Hampta Pass Trek starts in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Jobra, at an elevation of 9,379 feet, serves as the Hampta Pass basecamp. After a nearly 45-minute drive from Manali to Jobra, you can begin your hampta pass trek distance. Manali is a popular tourist destination with excellent transportation options by train, road, and air.

How to Fly to the Hampta Pass Trek Basecamp

You can fly to Bhuntar Airport, which is only 52 kilometres away from Manali. Bhuntar is well-connected to major cities such as New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkalta, and others. Regular taxi services transport passengers to Manali.

How to Drive to the Hampta Pass Trek Basecamp

The journey to Manali is one of the most picture-perfect road trips, with views of the Himalayas and pine-laden forest gently seeping in. It is only 536 kilometres from Delhi via NH 44, and the roads are well paved, ensuring a smooth journey.

Various Volvo buses travel on these routes on a regular basis and take approximately 12-14 hours to reach the Manali Bus Stand.

Jobra, the basecamp of the Hampta Pass Trek, is reachable by car from Manali. Jobra, which is only 17 kilometres from Manali, can be reached in 2 hours by car. The drive through the lush green Kullu valley and hairpin bends in the mountains sets the tone for what is to come. Jobra, at 9800 feet, is a good place to acclimatise before beginning the trek.

This is a high-altitude trek, and you’ll need some fitness to get through a few formidable mountain obstacles. But don’t worry, this hampta pass trek package Guide will assist you in properly preparing.

When is the best time to hike the Hampta Pass?

Hampta Pass is an enticingly charming cross-over trek in the Himalayan high mountain ranges. The monsoon season is the best time to visit Hampta. From June to September, the weather is ideal for high-altitude trekking, with warmer days and bearable nights.

June Hampta Pass Trek

From ‘Balu ka Ghera onwards, expect a lot of snow in June. This is because the valley leading up to the pass is narrow and receives little sunlight.

What is the difficulty level of the Hampta Pass Trek?

Hampta Pass is a moderate-level trek that leans slightly toward the difficult. This is due to the various altitude changes that trekkers face on a daily basis.

The trek route begins in Manali at an elevation of 6730 feet and ascends to a maximum elevation of 14,100 feet before rapidly descending to the final campsite.

Although the trails are relatively easy for long stretches, the terrain gradually becomes more difficult as you progress.

Every day, an average distance of 6.5 kilometres is covered.

Although first-time trekkers can attempt it, you will need at least 30 days to prepare for the trek and achieve good leg and core movement balance.

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