Hand Rails Standards that will keep you safe

What are Railings?

Commonly, handrails are called as bannisters or bannister rails. Bannisters are intended to provide assistance while individuals ascend steps. They can be incorporated into the design of a staircase or mounted to walls to provide support as people ascend. Depending on the design of the staircase, one or two handrails may be required, but other staircases require just one.

Rails are available in several materials, including wood, acrylic, metal, and more. Wood is the most frequent material for stair railings. People frequently pick wood for staircases since replacement components are readily available. Wood is also a robust and long-lasting material.

Why are Stair Handrails Important?


Generally, the value of handrails is attributed to safety; having railings on stairs prevents people from falling down them. Unguarded stairs are hazardous for everyone, especially children and the elderly. Supporting your steps with a handrail is now a legal obligation, and all construction companies, carpenters, and other craftsmen who instal stairs must guarantee they have some type of handrail.

In the United Kingdom, over one thousand individuals each year die from falling down stairs, and approximately one hundred thousand are treated for injuries related to falling down stairs. Most home-based fatalities and injuries occur on the stairs.

By installing a handrail on the side of your steps, you are helping to avoid injuries and, in extreme cases, death. The elderly and the children are at the greatest danger, thus it is essential that the stairs in your house or company comply with current construction codes to protect people.

As soon as an issue is identified, any damaged or broken components must be fixed or replaced to protect the safety of everyone utilising the steps.

Railings should be erected by experienced carpenters, stairway installers, or other skilled labourers to guarantee proper wall attachment. All rails must be fitted and installed according to the recommendations of the supplier or manufacturer.

Instruction for Rails

  • Standard rail height for all ages
  • Ensure proper attachment of rails
  • The rails must be constructed of a robust material.
  • The rail must be simple to grasp.

The government campaign encourages individuals to use caution on stairs by grabbing railings and avoiding carrying too much up or down the stairs at any given moment. They recommend that stairwells be well-lit and devoid of clutter. Having a rail that is firmly mounted can help individuals ascend and descend steps. Taking the proper procedures can assist ensure the safety of those utilising the stairs.

Home Interior Décor

Although safety is the top issue when it comes to stair railings, house interior design is also an essential consideration. When selecting a rail, a variety of types and patterns are available. Bannisters are available in a variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal, and many more.

Most hand rails for stairs can be customised or painted to meet certain specifications, such as baserails, spindles, and balusters. Engravings or designs can be hand-carved into wooden railings to add a decorative touch. Almost all types of stair railings may be painted or stained to produce a more attractive appearance.

Any staircase has the potential to become the focal point of a room, which may be accomplished through numerous design elements such as newel posts and railings. With the option to construct and customise rails to meet your individual needs, it is simple to create a striking appearance.

Wooden railings are well-designed and built of materials that are exceptionally durable. The majority of stair railings are made of wood since it is one of the most durable and adaptable materials available.

Metal railings tend to have an industrial design impact while retaining a traditional and beautiful appearance. Through the use of metal rails and other stair elements, it is simple to create a fashionable staircase, from simple designs to more contemporary chrome accents.

Staircases can be standard and unremarkable, or they can be the main point of your house. Most people want their steps to be the centre point of the room, as this allows them to display something that is typically considered dull in a much more bright and distinctive manner.

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