How Does the Best Volumetric Concrete Mixer Work?

We will begin to answer this question by sharing a basic definition of a self-loading concrete mixer. It is one of the best volumetric concrete mixer options available to construction engineers today. This machine can self-load aggregates, calculate the weight of the batch, blend concrete, and carry it to the construction site as and when required. It is a one in all machine that can carry out the concrete mixing task on its own requiring the assistance of only one person. ProAll is one of the renowned portable concrete mixer manufacturers. You can explore their offerings by visiting their homepage.

A Must on Every Construction Site

A self-loading concrete mixer is called one of the best volumetric concrete mixers. Because of its widespread use at real estate development sites (irrespective of their size) around the world. ProAll is a portable concrete mixer manufacturer that manufactures several unique models of self-loading concrete mixers, each carrying its advantages and disadvantages. These self-loading concrete mixers are all-terrain machines. That is of great help when it comes to the development of canals, residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and other construction applications.

Working Concept Behind a Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Coming back to our main topic, i.e., the working concept behind a self-loading concrete mixer. As we have already shared above it requires a single person to run this machine. To begin with, first of all, you have to take cement manually in a bucket, and water is fed into the drum. The loading operation of the unique bucket then collects both sand and aggregates. And loads both the rotating drum quickly and efficiently. This drum, which is rotating at high speed, ensures that it is preparing a homogenous concrete mix. That you can easily carry to the construction site.

Working this way, self-loading concrete mixers have become indispensable to any kind of construction. As they reduce the number of labour required along with bringing down the concrete transportation cost. It is because of this they are called one of the best volumetric concrete mixers out there that you can use to carry out any kind of construction.

Basic Components of a Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

  •  Loading System

The loading system in a self-loading concrete mixer includes a hydraulic shovel arrangement that does the job of material loading both easily and accurately. Some portable concrete mixer manufacturersprovide shovels along with a blade. That enables the machine operator to cut the cement bags during the loading process. The hydraulic capacity of the system varies depending on the load-bearing capacity of the mixer.

  • Weighing Apparatus

The weighing apparatus of a self-loading concrete mixer includes a piece of computerised weighing equipment. That both controls and displays the weight of the material.

  • Mixing Mechanism

The mixing mechanism in the self-loading mixer is of great help. When it comes to mixing aggregate and cement that is fed into the mixing drum using the water sourced from an independent water supply system or through a manual supply. This mixing drum receives electric power from an internal combustion engine. This mixing setup is designed in such a way that construction engineers get a homogenous mixture and quality concrete on each job of the self-loading mixer.

  • Discharging Mechanism

The discharging mechanism that is provided in a self-loading mixer enables the machine operator to discharge the concrete mix at different angles and heights (depending on project requirements). You can introduce the needed modifications in controlling the mixing drum angles to provide discharge at various heights. The adjustment of drum angles can be carried out with the help of a handle shank provided in the operator cabin.

  • The Wheel System

Another reason that we call self-loading mixers one of the best volumetric concrete mixers out there. Is because they come with a factory-fitted 4-wheel drive wheel system. Which enables the mixer operator to navigate through the toughest terrains on the construction site with ease. Not only that, these mixers run on roads on wear and tear-resistant engineering tires.

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