How to Choose Invitations for Your Dreamy Wedding

Wedding invitations set the mood for the whole day. They are designed to make you want your loved ones to attend your wedding and make your guests feel welcome and appreciated to celebrate with you. So, if you want to choose the perfect wedding invitation, keep these tips in mind when making your decision.

1. Consider the price point

As you can see in the example below, wedding invitation prices can range from a few cents per invitation to over $5 per invitation! So keep your budget in mind when deciding which invitations to send. This means you need to have a guest list first to see if you need 20 or 200 guests.

2. Add a wedding theme and colour scheme

If you want a specific theme for your wedding day, a fun way to incorporate that is to choose a wedding invitation that matches that theme. Listed below are many interesting examples for you to see. Or maybe you want an invitation to announce the main colour of your choice. Before you buy wedding invitations, you need to nail them.

3. Figure out the inserts you’ll need.

Most wedding invitation sets can be customized to include almost anything, such as RSVP cards, greeting cards, cards where guests can note their special dietary requirements, and more. When thinking about how to choose a wedding invitation, make sure you have an idea of ​​the types of cards you should include in the paper set.

4. Chosen your wedding invitation design and finalize the text

Before you buy an invitation, take some time to think about what you want to say on the card. This will help you determine the number and size of detailed maps include. So knowing in advance what you need or want will make things go smoothly.

5. Dress up your wedding invitations with some accessories.

Additional Information In addition to the pieces, there are often a few small décor or additional elements that you would like to add to your suite. This could include envelopes, wax seals, ribbons or ties to tie the suite together. Each of these updates will affect your design and budget and make more of a statement for your entire wedding.

7 Things You Need to Know about Vellum Invitations

Have you discovered the wonders of vellum? Whether you’re a recent convert or a newcomer, we thought this great resource would help you get the most out of it.

Like vellum, traditional parchment was an early writing surface. In the past, they were made from calf, goat and sheep skins. But don’t worry. No animals were used to make them! Instead, we got it from industry experts. This article is about modern plant fabric, a paper of many names. In addition to vellum paper, it can also be called tracing paper, transparencies, transparencies, and transparencies.

The New Trend in Wedding Invitations

Vellum has so many uses! Both writing and printing give good results (see printing below!) and their use in wedding printing has recently increased. You can print vellum as a Save the Date card. Wedding invitation; RSVP/Reception Card; Party card etc.

Use It As An Fun Vellum Cover

The charm of vellum paper lies not only in its transparency but also in its versatility. Faux fur makes an attractive invitation wrap or overlay, as its sheer nature means that the details of the invitation are slightly blurred on this delicate and lightweight paper.

Use It As An Attractive Vellum Overlay 

Print directly on the vellum for a sharper, bolder look. Check out the invitation below and your speech will be special. Printed overlays are perfect for layering photos.

Foil-Printed On Vellum paper

Foil printing on vellum is the process of adding class and elegance to many types of projects. This special printing process uses heat, pressure and foil to add a glossy or matte effect to a design or image. It is a good choice if you want to print wedding invitations with foil.

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