Measuring and Tracking SEO Success: How Long Will It Take?

It is no news that while doing something, we all get excited about the final results after going through a tiring process. Things are no different when it comes to Search Engine Optimization as well.

Businesses and brands want to know when the impact of their SEO packages and strategies will show up on their website.

Since SEO isn’t like pay-per-click ads where you see instant results, it can be a long and time-consuming process for it to see success.

In this article, we will be discussing the factors that contribute to when you can see success from SEO. We will also see how long you will have to wait before you can finally reap the benefits of your hard work.

How to Determine if your SEO is Successful?

To understand when you can see the results of SEO, you should first decide what SEO success would look like for you. Measuring the impact of your SEO strategy is necessary to come to a conclusion about the value it offers your website.

But first, it is necessary to set an SEO strategy with some end goals in mind before you can even measure its statistics. Your goal can be to see a visible increase in rankings, a higher number of leads and conversions, more traffic, etc.

After setting the goals, you can take into account the KPI or the Key Performance Indicator.  It helps you understand where you are on your journey towards your goals.

Factors that Determine When you Can See SEO Success

There are many other factors that come into play while analyzing how fast you can see results with SEO. Let us take a look at a few of them.

1. Competition in Your Industry

It is easy to rank higher when you compete with poor competitors who do not care about their rankings. But as the competition within your own niche increases, it can get difficult for you to survive among them.

Brands and businesses that are heavily invested in SEO can stand in your way especially if you are just starting out.

With more competition, it will take more time for you to see success with the SEO rankings.

More competition will also require you to spend more time bettering your SEO strategies and campaigns

2. History of your Website

If your website uses an old domain that has already been established, it is easier for SEO results to show up.

A website that has been actively operating for a longer period of time is seen as more authentic and credible. It will also have the support of external sources through some backlinks.

On the other hand, a website with a new domain takes a bit longer to build its credibility and has little to no backlinks. Thus, a new website will have to wait up to 9 months or a year to start seeing SEO results.

You can also check the past performance insights of your website through tools like Google Search Console. You will get an idea about the website history and can find any issue that needs to be fixed.

For example, you might see a decrease in organic traffic during a period of time that needs to be resolved. This might hinder the speed at which you can see results with a new SEO strategy.

3. Health of your Website

Before you start with a new SEO campaign, one thing you should never skip is to check the website’s health. Seek the help of your SEO team to conduct an SEO audit to check for any technical issues.

Technical SEO issues can range from those related to duplicate content, site speed, canonicalization, etc. Resolving them at the earliest is one of the many ways to make your SEO campaigns more effective.

Dealing with these issues and solving them beforehand will ease the process of starting a new SEO campaign.

Also, make sure to check how well your backlinks are doing. Authentic backlinks ensure that your SEO campaign is up and running to see quick results.

4. The Available Resources

The competition that you face from others in the industry is out of your hand. You do not have a say in what content they post and what strategies they use.

But what you can definitely alter are the resources that you can put into your SEO campaign.

For example, you can devote more time to an SEO campaign. Choosing an SEO agency or a freelancer to work on your website for more time will fasten your SEO results.

The time for SEO results to show up will also depend on other resources like capital investment, SEO expertise, etc.

5. Quality of your Content

SEO needs to be coupled with well-written content if you want to see SEO success. You cannot expect your website to rank high with great SEO strategies but poorly written content. SEO strategies work well with content of high quality.

If you cannot afford a special team for creating content, you can always depend on a digital marketing agency. Choose a service that offers SEO packages with high-quality content to see quick results with SEO.

How Long Do I have to Wait for SEO Results?

Seeing the best results with SEO requires combining expertise with patience. You need to rely on an experienced team of SEO experts who know what they are doing.

According to Google, it takes about 4 months to a year for SEO results to show up. The results can mean any end goals that you had in mind like conversions or traffic.

But as mentioned, SEO success also depends on other factors that can slow down or quicken its duration.

You need not necessarily see results within the said time period if you don’t actively invest in SEO.

To come to a conclusion about the exact time you can expect results, one should analyze their website’s current performance. Test your strategies regularly and come up with better campaigns each time to see results quickly.

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