Shockwave therapy for ED in Bangladesh

Men interested in better constructions and sexual performance may see enhancement with one of the newest treatments for Shockwave therapy for ED in Bangladesh. Shockwave remedy for erectile dysfunction uses soundwaves swells to increase blood inflow in the penis, so there’s no surgery, medicines, or invasive procedures.

What’s Shockwave Therapy for ED?

Studies have shown that low energy shock surge remedy can ameliorate the response to oral drugs for erectile dysfunction. It may also give some return of robotic constructions by adding blood inflow to the penis. 

How does Shockwave Therapy for ED work?

 High- frequence sound swells are applied to the penis to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and conceivably break down shrine figure- up in being vessels. Low blood inflow is the root cause of ED, and adding blood inflow using shockwave remedy may produce better constructions and sexual performance.

Who can profit from Shockwave Therapy for ED?

 Anyone with mild to severe ED can probably profit from shockwave remedy. This includes the nearly 50 of men that struggle with getting or maintaining an construction.

It may be a good option for men who …

Desire a treatment to reverse the underpinning cause of ED

Are looking for a better response to the oral drugs used to treat ED

Want anon-invasive treatment for their ED before moving on to other options

The typical treatment course is 6 treatments over 6 weeks, and 50- 80 of cases will report an enhancement in their constructions 30 days after they’ve completed the full treatment cycle.

Any of our urologists can advise you on whether shockwave remedy may be right for you. Dr. Shamsul Hoque Nadim

Shamsul Hoque Nadim is a leading authority sexual health, and oversees the Shockwave Therapy progra

How long does Shockwave Therapy for ED last?

 Individual results will vary, still, some studies have shown that a positive response can last up to two times.

What does Shockwave Therapy for ED feel like?

 Previous to treatment cases will apply a deadening gel to the penis. Utmost cases say it feels like a light tapping or chinking sensation and don’t witness pain.

What to Anticipate at Your Appointment

After cases apply the deadening gel and it takes effect, shockwaves will be directed to colorful areas around the shaft and base of the penis. Generally, treatment sessions will last about 15 to 20 twinkles.

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