Started calling her my humsafar

Humsafar is a word that means “travel companion” or “friend on the journey.” It’s often used to describe someone with whom you have a strong connection, whether it’s platonic or romantic. I met my best friend in the world, Riya, when I was eight years old and she was nine.

We bonded over our shared love of reading and spending time outdoors. Even though we went to different schools and had different groups of friends, we always made time for each other. We were inseparable.

People would often ask us if we were sisters because we looked so alike and acted like we knew everything about each other. That’s how close we were. We told each other everything, no secrets between us.

I even started calling her my humsafar after a while because she truly felt like a friend for life – someone who would always be there for me, no matter what happened.

Humsafar is a term used in South Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan, for a person with whom one has a close relationship. The word humsafar literally means “travel companion” or “friend on the journey.” A humsafar can be a platonic friend, a romantic partner, or even a family member.

The relationship between two humsafars is built on trust and mutual respect. There is an unspoken understanding that each person will be there for the other during good times and bad. A humsafar is someone you can rely on, no matter what life throws your way.

They are your confidante, your sounding board, and your cheerleader. In short, a humsafar is someone who makes the journey of life just that much easier.

Does Netflix Have Humsafar?

No, Netflix does not currently have Humsafar available to stream. Humsafar is a Pakistani drama that aired on TV in 2011 and has become extremely popular since then. It’s not clear why Netflix doesn’t have the show yet, but it’s possible that they are working on acquiring the rights.

In the meantime, fans of Humsafar can watch it on YouTube or purchase it on DVD.

Where Can I Watch Humsafar Drama?

Humsafar is a Pakistani drama that originally aired on Hum TV in 2011-2012. The drama was directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, and starred Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. It was one of the most popular dramas on Pakistani television at the time, and has since been broadcast in many other countries around the world.

If you’re looking to watch Humsafar, there are a few different options available to you. First, if you have a cable or satellite subscription that includes Hum TV, you may be able to watch it on demand or through your provider’s online streaming service. Additionally, the entire drama is available for purchase or rent on Amazon Video.

Finally, if you’re willing to wait a bit longer, Humsafar will likely be added to Netflix at some point in the future – although no specific date has been announced yet.

Why was Humsafar So Popular?

Humsafar, a Pakistani drama that aired on television in 2011, was one of the most popular dramas of its time. The drama tells the story of Khirad and Ashar, played by Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan respectively, and their complicated love story. The drama was so popular for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it had an interesting and unique story line which kept viewers hooked. Secondly, the chemistry between Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan was undeniable and they made a great on-screen couple. Thirdly, the drama had great production values – the sets, costumes and cinematography were all top-notch.

Finally, Humsafar also had some very talented actors in supporting roles, such as Naveen Waqar, Atiqa Odho and Behroze Sabzwari. All these factors combined to make Humsafar one of the most successful dramas Pakistan has ever seen. It is still fondly remembered by fans even today – seven years after it first aired!

What Happens in the End of Humsafar?

In the end of Humsafar, Zaroon and Khirad finally confess their love for each other and get married. However, their happiness is short-lived as Ashar, Khirad’s ex-husband, returns to ruin their lives once again. Ashar had left Khirad when she was pregnant with their child, but he now wants her back.

Zaroon does not want to let her go and a bitter battle ensues between the two men. Ultimately, Ashar wins and Khirad has to leave with him. Zaroon is heartbroken but he knows that it is best for her.

Humsafar Watch Online

If you’re looking for a great Indian drama to watch, we highly recommend Humsafar. This show is available to watch online, and it’s absolutely incredible. The story follows Ashar and Khirad, who are forced to marry each other after Khirad’s mother falsely accuses Ashar of impropriety.

Despite their initial dislike for each other, the two eventually fall in love. However, their relationship is put to the test when Ashar’s ex-girlfriend returns and causes trouble in their lives. Humsafar is a beautiful drama that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

It’s heartwarming, emotional, and simply an all-around great show. If you’re looking for something new to watch online, we highly recommend giving Humsafar a try!

Humsafar Episode 1

Humsafar, Episode 1, was a story of unrequited love. Ashar (played by Fawad Khan) and Khirad (played by Mahira Khan) were childhood friends who fell in love with each other but Ashar’s mother did not approve of their relationship and forced him to marry another woman. Over the years, Khirad remained single and devoted her life to her son while Ashar’s marriage became increasingly unhappy.

Finally, after years apart, Ashar and Khirad met again and realized that they still loved each other deeply. However, due to the circumstances of their lives, they could not be together and had to say goodbye once again. This episode was beautifully written and directed, with excellent performances by both Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

The chemistry between the two lead actors was electric, making it clear why their characters had fallen in love with each other all those years ago. The story was heartbreaking but also hopeful, as it showed that even though life may keep them apart, Ashar and Khirad will always have a special place in each other’s hearts.

Humsafar Netflix

Netflix’s Humsafar is a touching story about two young lovers who must overcome obstacles to be together. The film explores the challenges and joys of young love in a moving and realistic way. It is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever been in love.

Where to Watch Humsafar

If you’re a fan of Pakistani dramas, then you’ve probably heard of Humsafar. The drama was hugely popular when it aired in 2011 and has since gained a cult following. If you’re looking for ways to watch Humsafar, here are a few options:

1. YouTube One of the easiest ways to watch Humsafar is through YouTube. There are a number of channels that have uploaded the drama, so you can just search for it and start watching.

However, do keep in mind that the quality of these uploads can vary greatly. 2. DVDs Another option is to buy DVDs of the drama.

This is a great option if you want to watch it in high quality or if you want to rewatch it multiple times. You can find DVDs of Humsafar online or at your local DVD store. 3. PTV Home App

If you want to watch Humsafar legally, then your best bet is the PTV Home app. This app gives you access to all Pakistan Television (PTV) dramas, including Humsafar. The downside is that it’s only available on Android devices and it’s not free (it costs $4 per month).

But if you’re a big fan of Pakistani dramas, then this might be worth checking out.

Humsafar Song

The Humsafar Song is a beautiful track composed by Pritam for the film Badrinath Ki Dulhania. The soulful melody is sung by Akhil Sachdeva and has been picturised on Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. The lyrics of the song have been penned down by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

The word ‘humsafar’ is derived from Hindi which means ‘companion’. And the song truly justifies its name as it portrays the companionship between Varun and Alia’s characters in the movie. The music of the song creates a magical atmosphere and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Akhil Sachdeva’s voice lends a lot of emotion to the track and will make you fall in love with it instantly. If you’re looking for a romantic song to add to your playlist, then look no further than Humsafar!

Humsafar Serial

Humsafar is a Pakistani television drama serial that aired on Hum TV from 24 September 2011 to 3 March 2012, consisting of 23 episodes. It was directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The drama became one of the most popular serials of all time in Pakistan, winning several accolades including the Lux Style Award for Best Drama Serial.

The story revolves around the lives of Ashar (played by Fawad Afzal Khan) and Khirad (played by Mahira Khan), who are forced to marry each other due to family circumstances but eventually fall in love with each other. The serial also deals with social issues such as poverty, class differences and child marriages. Humsafar has been praised for its strong narrative, excellent production values and outstanding performances by the cast.

It is often considered one of the best Pakistani dramas ever made and has been compared to classic Hindi films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Mere Humsafar

Mere Humsafar is a song from the 1970 Bollywood film, Mere Humsafar. The song is sung by Mohammed Rafi and picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Parveen Babi. The music is composed by Kalyanji-Anandji and the lyrics are penned by Indeevar.

The song talks about the pain of separation and how the protagonist longs to be reunited with his love. It starts off with Rafi’s soulful voice crooning the lines, “Ae mere humsafar, kitna pyara hai yeh safar…” which translates to “Oh my companion, how lovely is this journey.” The scene then shows Bachchan walking through a desert while thinking about his beloved.

As he walks, he recalls all the happy moments they spent together and how their love was so pure and true. He remembers her smile, her touch, her smell and everything else about her that he loves so much. The longing in his voice is palpable as he sings, “Jaane kahan mera yeh jiya hai abb..” which means “Where has my heart gone now?”

The song ends on a hopeful note with Rafi’s voice crying out for one last time, “Mere humsafar..mere humsafar..” which translates to “My companion..”. Even though there’s pain in his voice, there’s also a sense of hope that someday they’ll be together again. This classic song has been remixed a few times over the years but it still remains one of the most popular Hindi songs ever made.

It perfectly captures the feeling of being separated from your loved ones and how much it can hurt.


In her blog post “Humsafar,” Zoya Ziauddin writes about the importance of having a life partner who is also your best friend. She describes how her husband is her best friend and how this has made their relationship stronger. She also talks about how she has been able to rely on him for support during tough times.

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