What is Embossing Tape, and Which Machines Require It?

When buying a new embossing machine, know that some specific machines require embossing tape. Embossing tape is a thin adhesive strip with holes for the pins on an embossing machine to pass through. It’s often used on one side – or top – of your cardstock, so the other side may be embossed.

What is Embossing Tape?

Embossing tape is a type of tape that is used to create raised designs on paper or other materials. It is often used in scrapbooking and card making but can also be used for other crafts. There are two main types of embossing tape : self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive. Self-adhesive embossing tape has a sticky backing that can be attached directly to the paper or material. Non-self-adhesive embossing tape has no sticky backing and must be applied with an adhesive.

There are many different brands and styles of embossing tape available. Some brands offer tapes in multiple widths, while others only offer one width. The width of the tape will determine the size of the raised design. The thickness of the tape will also affect the raised design. Thicker tapes will create deeper designs, while thinner tapes will create more shallow designs.

Embossing machines are used to apply embossing tape to paper or other materials. These machines vary in price and features, but all machines require a die to cut the design into the tape. Dies can be purchased separately or as part of a kit that includes the machine and dies.

Types of Embossing Tape

There are three main types of embossing tape: mylar, metal, and plastic. Each type has its unique benefits and drawbacks.


  • Mylar is the most common type of embossing tape. 
  • It is made from a thin layer of polyester film. 
  • Mylar is clear, so it won’t obstruct your view of the material you’re working with. 
  • It is also extreme and resistant to tearing. 

However, mylar can be challenging to remove once applied and can leave behind a sticky residue.


  • Metal embossing tape is made from thin aluminum strips or other metals. 
  • It is less flexible than Mylar but also more durable. 
  • Metal embossing tape can be used on both curved and flat surfaces. 
  • However, it is more expensive than mylar and can be challenging to apply evenly.


  • Plastic embossing tape is made from PVC or other plastics. 
  • It is the least flexible type of embossing tape but also the most durable. 
  • Plastic embossing tape can be used on both curved and flat surfaces. 
  • However, like metal embossing tape, it can be expensive and difficult to apply evenly.

How to Use Embossing Tape?

Embossing tape is an adhesive tape used to create raised designs on paper and other materials. It can be used with die-cutting machines, embossing machines, or manual hand tools.

To use embossing tape:

  1. Start by cutting a strip to the desired size and shape.
  2. Position the strip of tape on the paper or material where the design is located.
  3. Once the tape is in place, run it through the die-cutting or embossing machine. If you are using a manual hand tool, press the tool into the surface of the paper to create the design.

The raised design will be visible on both sides of the paper or material. You can then remove the excess tape around the edges of the design if desired.

Which Machines Require Embossing Tape?

are a few different types of machines that require embossing tape. The most common type of machine is the letterpress. Letterpresses use relief printing, which means the design is raised above the paper’s surface. This makes it possible to print on both sides of the paper simultaneously. Embossing tape is used to create a raised impression on the paper.

Another type of machine that requires embossing tape is the die cutter. Die cutters use a sharp cutting die to cut shapes out of paper or other materials. The die cutter presses the cutting die into the material, and then the embossing tape is used to raise the cut shape out of the material.

Finally, some laminating machines also require embossing tape. These machines laminate two pieces of material together using heat and pressure. The embossing tape helps to create a seal between the two pieces of material.


Embossing tape is an adhesive tape used in specific machines to create raised letters or images. This type of tape is often used for decorative purposes but can also be used for functional purposes such as labeling. If you have a machine that requires embossing tape, purchase the correct type of tape to function correctly.

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