Which is Better, Windows or Linux Shared Hosting in USA?

Shared hosting is an excellent option for those of you who want to host your website online. Shared Hosting has two possibilities in USA: Linux shared Hosting and Windows shared Hosting. The choice between them is tough because, in their respective fields, both are excellent.

If you want my opinion then I think Linux shared web Hosting in USA is a better option than windows. Because it is open source and provides much more features and it costs lesser than Windows Hosting. 

In this article, we will tell you why Linux shared Hosting is a better option than windows for Web hosting in USA. also we will tell you the best Provider of Windows and Linux shared Hosting in USA.

Shared Hosting Comparison in USA: Windows vs. Linux

There are many aspects that need to be considered while looking for a web hosting service. So let’s see which shared hosting is the best in those aspects in this comparison of Windows and Linux.


When a security breach occurs in your Windows operating system, the Windows team provides a security patch. However, it takes so long that you might lose your data in the meantime.

On the other hand, shared hosting is an open-source operating system. It will be resolved as soon as possible if there is a security loophole on your Server. So you can say that Linux shared Hosting in USA is a better option in terms of Security.


Linux doesn’t take a lot of data from your system and also there is no bloatware that can harm your privacy. Also if you see any unuseful software that you want to remove or uninstall you can do it. In Windows, you don’t have the authority to delete any software that comes with the operating system. So you can say that Linux shared Hosting in USA give you more privacy than windows..


Linux is the most versatile Operating system in the world. You can run Linux on the most outdated systems. But windows don’t support old tech at all, If you want to use windows latest versions you might need to buy a new machine for that.


Every person who has ever used a computer is familiar with the Windows interface. And it is easily operating system to work on. You can do all server-related tasks very easily but you can’t do many changes to the interface. 

Linux, on the other hand, is an adaptable operating system. By knowing the source code, you can modify the Linux interface as you wish. Linux offers a lot of possibilities for tech-savvy users. 

Control Panel:

Windows support the most user-friendly cPanel control panel in Server. You can do your tasks very easily and comfortably with it. But you can’t use the Plesk panel in Windows Servers. Linux support both Plesk and cPanel in Servers. And that is why most people use Linux shared Hosting in USA.


Windows provide regular updates for better performance but you need to pay extra for new windows versions. There is nothing free in windows at all and it makes overall a bit more expensive as well. There is no doubt that windows are a high-performing operating system but it comes at a high cost.

Unlike this, Linux provides all updates and customizations free of cost. You can install a newer version of Linux without paying any extra money. Also, Linux servers don’t lose permanence over time they work consistently better.

Is Linux Shared Hosting in USA Better Than Windows?

Yes, USA Shared Linux hosting is a better option than Windows. But it doesn’t mean windows are not a good option. Windows provide more reliability and it is very easy to work on windows. 

Although it is a bit more expensive than Linux it gives more features as well. Such as, if your website is built on Microsoft software then windows Hosting is a heaven-made Service for you. Also some tools like ASP. NET only work in windows. Most important windows is a Microsoft product and they always come with something new to provide a hassle-free experience to their users.

So both Windows and Linux shared Hosting are the best option in USA. 


Linux shared Hosting in USA is the best option for website hosting in any aspect possible. It provides more security, reliability, and scalability for a new website than free hosting.

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